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ORO  is a brand that has established itself as a trustworthy and innovative gold product manufacturer in the jewellery sector of India, Dubai and abroad by Oasis Jewels DMCC , since early 2009. However, our expertise as jewellery manufacturers comes from a heritage of over 125 years and we are constantly innovating our products and styles to match our expertise with constantly evolving technology.

This is only the beginning of what makes “ORO” the right choice – the trusted choice – as a business partner. The world’s leading jewelry retailers have worked with Oasis Jewels DMCC  for over two decades because they demand the exceptional results that only a global leader in jewelry manufacturing can provide.



Gold Products - Homme Collection - Oro Jewellery

Gold Products - Homme Collection - Oro Jewellery

Gold Products - Homme Collection - Oro Jewellery



Platinum Products - Homme Collection - Oro Jewellery

Platinum Products - Homme Collection - Oro Jewellery

Platinum Products - Homme Collection - Oro Jewellery

Our Collections

We believe in constant innovation and design development at “ORO” . Our collections are an effort to showcase the new products within various categories that we have launched keeping in the mind demographics, weights, occassions etc.These collections enable a systematic approach to creating timeless designs and also help in making the selection process simplified.

Why Retailers across the Globe Trust “ORO”

“ORO innovates with their machines. The ORO Team is actively thinking of new ways to make bangles and other jewellery.” -VIPUL SAGAR

J.J. & Sons, Dubai

“We have been stocking ORO bangles in our many shops globally and are very satisfied with the product and service. In a competitive market like today’s, ORO has lived up to our expectations.” -NISHAD AK

Malabar Jewellers, Dubai

“The Oro family is very closely associated with us since 2002, both professionally and personally. Their innovative designs and crafting techniques have resulted in many repeat customers for these bangles as it is a staple product with brilliant quality.” -G.R. ANAND & G.R. RADHA

Grt Jewellers, Dubai

“Solid gold bangles have always been sound and sought after investments. ORO has changed trends and given us new designs which are modern, contemporary and traditional.” -ANIL DHANAK

Kanz Jewellers, Dubai

“We have been working with ORO bangles since 2014 and so far had very good experience and the products are very innovative.” -MANAF BIVIJI

Shattaf Jewellers, Dubai

“Meena and ORO share a long standing relationship and I personally like their designs and their craftsmanship is of very high quality. Our clients like it very much. Lot of our tourist customers, come especially to buy ORO bangles.” -SANJAY & VINAY JETHWANI

Meena Jewellers, Dubai

“We have been working with ORO since 2012. Novelty and innovation today are synonymous with the name of ORO. Their product quality, designs and holistic approach to the business have taken them to the highest position.” -VISHAL DHAKAN

Dhakan Jewellers, Dubai

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