Homme Platinum Collection

Homme Platinum Collection: Mens jewellery is a lot about the style statement that it makes of the person wearing it. We have created the Homme Collection consisting of kadas in 22k gold which is the ideal wrist-wear for men.

Charismatic design,impeccable finish,statement pieces and patterns to match each ones personality.Surface textures,high polish,matt finish and rhodium highlights have been aesthetically crafted in the kadas to give the wearer personified flair.

  • DESIGN NO : P4E003
    WEIGHT : 25 GM
  • DESIGN NO : 3E029
    WEIGHT : 35 GM
  • DESIGN NO : 3E026
    WEIGHT : 25 GM
  • DESIGN NO : P4E025
    WEIGHT : 25 GM
  • DESIGN NO : P4E006
    WEIGHT : 25 GM
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